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Please meet Bob Lyall, a metal artist from Iowa, formally trained as a journeyman sheet metal worker. Lyall has been doing artwork professionally since 1987.  Before "green" was a catch phrase, he was an early pioneer using recycled materials.  Bob continues to be ahead of the crowd with his creations.  Lyall primarily exhibits his art at juried fine art shows throughout the Midwest.  Bob would like to introduce his metal artwork created from recycled and found materials.

Thank you for visiting my site. I would like to share my artist statement:

Our artwork is created from many found metal items, the patina is incredible. Welding or brazing pieces together allows the artwork to grow and come alive as a new object of beauty to be used throughout the home, garden or office. A plasma cutter is used to cut much of the metal; crimping, benders, turning machines and other sheet metal tools add texture to the surface. To smooth the edges, grinders and sanders are employed. Finally, an application of clear lacquer seals the surface and brings sheen to the art. All of my designs are intended on bringing a smile to the audience that is my contribution to society.


My works represent my goals in life of creating humor.  When Lyall's work is viewed, the audience is entertained.  Likewise, his art is environmentally friendly, by all of the pieces being recycled and giving new life to discarded items.  The art may be used either inside the home, office or in a garden setting.  Bob  refers to the construction of his artwork as LEGOs, where all of the pieces are interchangeable and there are a multitude of options to personalize the artwork.  By changing a short rod to a long rod, the artwork transforms into a garden piece and vise versa, a garden piece now becomes an inside piece that may be displayed on a rock or another base.

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Capitol Copper Collection -- Copper products made from copper that was once part of the roof of the Iowa State Capitol
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