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Table Top - Mounted on Stone

Wall Pieces - Mounted on Mesh

Garden - Mounted on Stakes

Wedding Gifts

His and Her Hands on Heart Mounted on a Stone


Ordering Instructions 



One of the favorites are handprints. Here is the order information.

1. Take a cardstock the weight of oak tag (old cereal box if you do not have card stock). Trace the handprint. Be sure to trace the hand print(s) on only ONE side of the sheet as this will be used as a template to cut out the hand.

2. Mark where the hole is to be placed for hanging the hand, or for putting on a stake.

3.Print the information that you want displayed on the hand (name, age and/or year)

4. Recommended metals:


   Indoor Pieces

        Copper for Males

        Brass for Females

   Outdoor (Garden) Pieces

        Steel for Males

        Stainless Steel for Females


5. Indicate how you want to use the piece indoor/outdoor.

6. Determine if you want the piece to be:


   B--mounted on a short rod for a table piece
   C--mounted on a long rod for a garden stake.

   D--mounted on mesh for wall hanging   


(Pricing begins at $5.00 per single child handprint)

Send hand print with your name, address and phone to:

Lyall’s Labors, Ltd.
13097 Summerset Rd
Indianola, IA 50125

Sample pricing:
Two small boy handprints in copper on same rod $20
One boy (copper) and one girl (brass) on same rod $20 to $25 (depending on size of hands
His and Her hands on large heart (wedding gift) $60
Three handprints on separate rods on same stone $35
Handprint on mesh frame (copper or brass) starting at $25 (depending on size hand and other special requests)
Two brass hands on separate rods on same rock $25
Five hands on separate rods on same rock $55

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